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Welcome to the official Klenginem Website!

Originally starting from a joke, Klenginem has grown over the years, and this is the result: You are reading the official Klenginem Fan-pages. We hope you enjoy your visit, and drop us a line in our guestbook.
Here you can finally have a look at the lyrics or leave us a message in the guestbook! You will certainly enjoy the picture gallery. Soon you will also find here a translation of all Klenginem-Lyrics. Check out the download area for wallpapers and samples. If you are looking to purchase an album, or other merchandising, you ought to look at our fanstore
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NEWS - what's new?

1st march 2007
Finally, Klenginem.de is also available in english, so that also our international fans can read about Klenginem ;-) (Hier ist die Deutsche Version.)

1st october 2006
A new wallpaper for your desktop has been added to the download-area. This one has been made by a fan, thanks to Simon.
Feel free to send us your fan-artwork!

3rd september 2006
The first guestbook entries have been updated.

27th august 2006
Launching www.klenginem.de
After Klenginem's lyrics had appeared on different wbsites that even he himself didn't know, it was time establishing an official Klenginem-Fan-Page.


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