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It is a parody!

Some people might wonder a little bit why some of the links do not function the way they should, and what this is about anyway. Other people who have met Klenginem already, might believe that he has become completely crazy now. That's why I need to make clear that all of this is just for fun, it's a joke. Its only aim is to entertain so it should not be treated seriously in any way. Just like the songs are all parodies of the originals - which clarifies the legal stuff - this website is also just a parody, an imitation of all the known websites of the big music-bands. There is a download-area, one can listen to samples and drop a line in the guestbook. There even is a fan-merchandising internet-shop, but you cannot order things from there, because it's only for the show and just for fun.

Disclaimer and Excuses:

Talking legally, a parody does NOT infringe the copyright laws. Anyway, to avoid complications, there are no songs for dowload available on this website. If there is somebody among my friends who has a recording of some of Klenginem's works, this is legally okay, but publications like CDs or downloads would become to expensive to produce (because of licences and GEMA and so on).

Next, the "Klenginem-Show" is only run as a hobby, just for fun and produces no financial advantages. The so called performances have only been on private events and parties among friends, and Klenginem did not get any money for what he did.

If anyone still disagrees with anything he or she finds on this website, please contact its administrator before going to police or lawyer. I think there is no problem that we cannot solve ourselves, because - like I said before - this is all just for fun, so there is no money available for legal fights.


Some German court once said in the year 1998 that if you set a link to an illegal website, you are responsible for that link. Many people misunderstood this decision, believing that you have to step back from any hyperlink you have set. You can read such a disclaimer on www.disclaimer.de.
It's not very logic nor useful to step back from hyperlinks that YOU have set, because then I wonder why you did set them up at all, if you believe they might be dangerous. That's why I can say that I trust the links that I have in my links area, but I am not responsible for their contents.

Minimum requirements

To view this website, we recommend at least two screens, Micromachines Version 2008 and a CD-ROM-Drive with built-in pen sharpener.
No, seriously, it is our intention to have this website so userfriendly as possible. That's why we restrained from too much graphics and other animated stuff for which you need some known - or even worse, un-known - software to be installed, which eventually will only show a tiny flashing asterisk in the corner of your screen, or even not work at all because you are using the wrong operating system on your computer.
If there still is somebody who feels a disadvantage using this website, or find annoying programming properties, we would be happy to hear useful suggestions.
By the way, we are already working on a text-only-version.

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- FreeBSD
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and with these brwosers:

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